Monday, January 13, 2014

My fear is that I will die doing nothing. Nothing that someone can look back on and say "wow that is kind of cool."I will be just another person who hates what they do, barely gets by and at the end has nothing to look back on.

High school was full of possibilities. We were all blank slates dreaming about what we were going to become. High school was a dark hole populated by narcissists devoid of humanity. At least we were hopeful narcissists.

Now what? Somewhere between graduating college and a recession I find myself wishing to be back in high school. I should see a therapist about that.

But somewhere I drank the Kool-aid and came to believe that all my goals are pipe dreams. While my family nods and thinks that I have finally think that I "get it." I don't. Dreams don't die because they aren't possible they die because somewhere on the way we categorize them in the same realm as Santa in the Easter Bunny.

Why do we buy into that? How do I stop?

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