Monday, January 20, 2014

Open Letter To The Seattle Times

Dear Editor,

My husband informed me that he no longer wants me to write letters to him or off to write them to his work to straighten things out like the fact that he doesn't get get MLK day off. I know. That was instituted by the guy who got fired. Wonder why? So he said that I should write letters to the editor. Then he realized that I would and that our newspaper is the Seattle Times and I have a massive bone to pick with you and suggested I blog letters to the editor instead.

He doesn't think I will get to far with this because I don't read the paper or watch the news. I really just prefer to read the political signs in people's yard come election time to get up to date with all the info I need.

He also thinks no one will see it if I post here. He has a point. Ha! Motherfucka doesn't know that I'm writing to you editor, to inquire about you donating ad space. Nothing much, maybe something on page 3 with a large writeup on the front page. Not only would this make for a great topic of controversy for you, but do good for women everywhere to put their husbands in place. Plus he has stopped responding to my e-mails. He can't ignore the Seattle Times.


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